Doors for Walk Ins

Refrigerated Walk-Ins

Designed with EISA regulated applications in mind, these RollSeal walk-in door systems are ideal for grocery and food-service applications in both medium and low temp environments. Our RS500 and RS600 walk-in doors efficiently accommodate everything from foot traffic to forklifts. At RollSeal, we understand your competitive business environment. That’s why we provide you with reliable performance with short-term affordability and long-term value - all in a safe package designed for your needs.


  • Save more energy than with EISA insulation requirements
  • DOE (Department of Energy) exemption from strip curtain rule means increased productivity, without wasting energy
  • Increase use of valuable space otherwise wasted due to operation path of conventional doors
  • Reduce load on refrigeration systems and save money by minimizing infiltration losses

By combining the patented mechanics of the RollSeal technology with our advanced drive system, we are able to provide the leading solution to the industry’s most common losses and inefficiencies.

The RollSeal walk-in door system will maximize usable space, increase workflow, and improve energy efficiency over conventional slide or swing doors. This advantage is so obvious, the Department of Energy exempted the RollSeal Door System from the EISA perspective insulation and strip curtain requirements for walk-ins. The DOE’s acknowledgement that the RollSeal Door System exceeds these prescriptive requirements confirmed what our customers already knew -- The RollSeal Door System always exceeds expectations.


  • Exemption from EISA standards means no heavy foam doors and no messy strip curtains
  • Compact design and easy 3-step installation simplifies upgrades to existing walk-ins and implementation into new construction
  • No other product is better than the patented RollSeal technology at minimizing infiltration
  • Proven to be a superior alternative to conventional walk-in cooler/freezer doors

From efficient and reliable performance to a compact and durable design, the RollSeal walk-in door system is the smart choice for this demanding environment.

The RollSeal cooler/freezer door system is packed with features and benefits for walk-in applications. With more than 5000 units in service, our sales to new and repeat customers continue to grow. This is not only a testament to how well our doors perform but also how easy they are to incorporate into your system and the positive impact they can make in your operation. The RollSeal technology is at the heart of this success and understanding how it works may help explain why the RollSeal walk-in door system is ideal for this application.

As the system closes, three layers of fabric roll into place within the interior of its protective tracks. Our patented process of mating the magnetic components creates continuous seals along the interior and exterior panels. This provides an air space between the layers of fabric, further separating the refrigerated interior from the exterior environment, and virtually eliminates losses due to infiltration.

Our advanced drive system ensures that the opening is automatically closed between operational cycles, further minimizing infiltration associated with conventional doors. It’s not uncommon for our system to see over 100 open/close cycles per day in walk-in applications. Compared to conventional doors - typically left open during heavy use - it is obvious why the RollSeal Door System is a superior choice. For attacking the silent thieves and nuisances associated with conventional methods, there is nothing better than RollSeal.


  • ETL and NSF Compliant
  • Customization available for your individual safety needs

The RollSeal walk-in door system’s ETL and NSF compliance ensures our customers that the system meets the safety standards set for these applications. But these standards are only the beginning at RollSeal. We offer many safety features, each available with varying levels of sophistication to meet your individual needs. These include our impact resistant panel and bottom design, manual egress, obstruction and contact sensing, soft start, soft stop, movement notification, and customized operating speeds.

For more information about all of our safety features and which options best suit your application, please contact us directly.


  • Reliable performance means your business moves at the speed you require
  • Decrease maintenance and repair spending versus conventional doors
  • Improve productivity and morale through automation and the elimination of strip curtains
  • Reduced Energy expenses and extend the life of refrigeration systems

Total cost of ownership is the RollSeal cooler/freezer door system’s biggest advantage over conventional doors.

A RollSeal walk-in door system is designed to perform at its best in these high traffic environments. Our impact resistant and roll-up design eliminates the functional challenges associated with hinged or sliding doors. Additionally, the performance of a RollSeal Door System is not vulnerable to misalignment due to an impact and it effectively avoids the wear and degradation associated with conventional sealing technologies. Whether through added use of valuable space, improved productivity, or reduced energy and maintenance related expenses, RollSeal Door Systems will typically return your purchase investment within one year. The best news is that these advantages only increase as time goes on.