Doors for Ripening

Ripening Rooms

The RollSeal Door System is perfectly suited for ripening applications. The patented RollSeal technology creates excellent sealing of the doorway and unsurpassed containment of the ripening environment. The compact frame and roll-up fabric panel reduces the space required for operation. The durable design provides reliable performance without the lengthy down times and expensive repairs associated with swing or sectional doors. We understand how crucial the ripening phase is to the supply chain of these valuable commodities. Compact design, patented sealing technologies, and durability are just a few of the many reasons to trust the RollSeal ripening room door system.


  • Increase environmental containment in ripening facilities
  • Reduce inefficiencies of the ripening system by minimizing infiltration losses
  • Maximize space, increase workflow, and improve energy efficiency

The RollSeal Door System works as a key component of the broader ripening system.

Without proper containment of the environment, the value of the most advanced system or diligent oversight is greatly diminished. Damage, misalignment, and wear to the doorway are constant opportunities for the ripening and ambient environments to cross contaminate. With this in mind, RollSeal designed our door systems to be the most durable and consistent doors for your industry. We also realize that, in ripening, space is always a source for difficult compromise.

The RollSeal Door System provides a compact barrier that is free of common issues associated with conventional ripening doors. By using durable and continuous fabric for a constant and consistent seal, we can reduce the space required for operation, increase utilization, and improve environmental containment. We have no doubt the RollSeal Door System will help to maximize your ripening facility efficiency.


  • No other product is better than the patented RollSeal technology at minimizing infiltration and separation of environmental elements
  • Compatible with industrial activation methods (push button switch, motion sensor, floor loop, etc)
  • Compact design and easy 3-step installation simplifies upgrades to existing rooms and implementation into new construction

From patented technology that virtually eliminates infiltration to a compact and durable design, the RollSeal Door System is superior to any other door used in ripening applications.

The RollSeal ripening room door system is packed with features and benefits that make it the perfect solution for containing ripening environments. The patented RollSeal technology is at the heart of these and understanding how it works will help to recognize how suitable it is for this application.

As the system closes, three layers of fabric roll into place within the interior of its protective tracks. Our patented process creates a continuous seal along the interior and exterior panels with the floating component within the tracks. This design provides an air space between the layers of fabric, further separating the controlled interior from the ambient exterior and adding to the durability of the system. When the door is opened the fabric panel is neatly rolled inside an enclosure and stored above the doorway.

Different drives are available with varying levels of sophistication and operating speeds. All of this specialization makes the RollSeal Door System an obvious choice for the improvement of your ripening facilities’ doorways.


  • ETL and NSF Compliant
  • Emergency manual egress system available
  • Simple & lightweight design allows door to be safe and maintenance friendly

Commitment to safety is at the forefront of our design priorities.

Our systems are available in a wide variety of configurations and, depending on the drive system used and the application’s requirements, we offer ETL and NSF approved models. The level of sophistication of the drive system will also dictate the level of sophistication of safety features offered. These include our impact resistant panel design, manual egress, obstruction and contact sensing, soft start, soft stop, and customized operating speeds.

For more information about all of our safety features and which options best suit your application, please contact us directly.


  • Decrease maintenance and repair expense versus conventional doors
  • Improve productivity by reducing operation interruptions and down-time
  • No greasing, adjusting, or replacing components such as rollers, hinges, cables, or latches
  • Patch kits are available for the panels in the event that one is punctured or torn

While the purchase price of the RollSeal Door System is very competitive, the total cost of ownership is where the RollSeal Door System creates the most advantage over conventional doors.

The value of the RollSeal Door System is best realized in the tight-spaced environments of your industry -- situations that require constant environmental separation. Our impact resistant and roll-up design eliminates the functional challenges associated with swing or sectional doors. The performance of a RollSeal Door System is not vulnerable to incapacitation due to an impact, the wear and degradation associated with conventional sealing technologies, or the operational inefficiencies caused by misalignment or component failure. Simply put: Down-time is kept to a minimum.

Whether through added use of valuable space, improved productivity, or proper control of your ripening environment, the RollSeal Door System will continue to repay your initial investment.