Doors for the Food Processing Industry

Food Processing

The RollSeal Door System is well suited for many applications in the food processing industry. Our patented RollSeal technology creates an excellent seal of the doorway and unsurpassed containment of environmental conditions. The compact frame and roll-up fabric panel both help to reduce the space required for operation. The durable design provides reliable performance and a low impact on your maintenance budget. Available in configurations matching ETL and NSF standards, the RollSeal Door System offers the best in performance and compliance. These are just some of the many reasons to trust the RollSeal Door System with your food processing applications.

Our goal will always be to make your experience with our company remain at the top of that list. With that noted, please continue down this page to explore more about the RollSeal Door System and the added value it can offer your operation.


  • Increase use of valuable space otherwise wasted due to operation path of conventional doors
  • Lower your energy consumption by more than EISA requirements for walk-ins
  • Maximize space, increase workflow, and improve energy efficiency

The RollSeal Door System will maximize your usable space, productivity, and energy efficiency.

Its impressive energy efficiency is made clear by the fact that the Department of Energy’s exempted the system from the EISA insulation requirements for smaller walk-ins. Even if your application does not require EISA standard compliance, the DOE’s acknowledgement that the RollSeal Door System exceeds these prescriptive requirements confirms what our customers already knew -- the RollSeal Door System exceeds expectations.


  • Exemption from EISA standards means no heavy foam doors and no messy strip curtains on EISA complaint walk-ins
  • No other product is better than the patented RollSeal technology at minimizing infiltration separation of environmental elements
  • Compact design and easy 3-step installation simplifies upgrades to existing walk-ins and implementation into new construction
  • Compatible with industrial activation methods (push button switch, motion sensor, floor loop, etc)

The RollSeal Door System employs a patented sealing feature that virtually eliminates infiltration and ensures environmental separation.

The RollSeal Door System is packed with features and benefits that makes it a great solution for many food processing applications. The patented RollSeal technology is at the heart of these and understanding how it works will help to identify where our system fits best in your operation.

As the system closes, three layers of fabric roll into place within the interior of its protective tracks. Our patented process creates a continuous seal along the interior and exterior panels within the protective tracks. An air space between the layers of fabric further separates the controlled interior from the ambient exterior and adds ever-important durability to the system. When the door is opened, the fabric panel is neatly rolled inside a small enclosure and stored above the doorway.

To enhance the convenience and specialization to your application, different drives are available with varying levels of sophistication and operating speeds. With this level of customization, the RollSeal Door System is always the smart choice for your food processing facilities.


  • ETL and NSF Compliant
  • Customization available for your individual safety needs

Safety is and always has been at the forefront of our design priorities. Our systems are available in a wide variety of configurations.

Depending upon to the drive system used and application requirements, we offer models that are designed to both ETL and NSF standards. The level of sophistication of the drive system will also dictate the level of sophistication of safety features offered. These will include our impact resistant panel design, manual egress, obstruction and contact sensing, soft start, soft stop, and customized operating speeds.

For more information about all of our safety features and which options best suit your application, please contact us directly.


  • Improve productivity by reducing operation interruptions and down-time
  • Low cost of ownership -- no scheduled maintenance
  • No counter balance springs or weights, resulting in fewer moving parts and less maintenance
  • Doors are impact resistant and rarely out of commission meaning less downtime for you
  • No more replacing rollers, tracks, panels, hinges, or realignment

While the purchase price of the RollSeal Door System is very competitive, the total cost of ownership is where the RollSeal Door System creates the most advantage over conventional doors.

The value of the RollSeal Door System is best realized in environments like food processing, environments that require constant environmental separation. Our impact resistant and roll-up design eliminates the functional challenges associated with swing, slide, or sectional doors. The performance of a RollSeal Door System is not vulnerable to incapacitation due to an impact, the wear and degradation associated with conventional sealing technologies, or the operational inefficiencies caused by misalignment or component failure. In both the short and long-term, these features and the durable efficiency they provide make for a more successful business.

Whether through added use of valuable space, improved productivity, or proper control of your environment, the RollSeal Door System will continue to repay your initial investment.