Doors for Car Washes

Car Wash Facilities

The RS500 and RS600 door systems provide a new option and a more efficient alternative for the car wash industry. RollSeal doors roll up in place to maximize usable space and increase productivity and work-flow. Innovative design reduces maintenance costs and saves energy, a two-pronged attack that saves you money. The corrosion resistant fabric panels along with aluminum or stainless steel components make the door immune to the harsh environment of your industry.


  • Patented design provides two seals in each track and an insulated air pocket
  • Superior seal minimizes heat loss
  • Seal also provides the ability to properly isolate operations

The RollSeal Door uses a patented sealing system that provides a superior seal eliminating air infiltration.

This seal separates the inside of the car wash from the elements outside, ensuring the perfect work environment. As the door closes, the three layers of fabric roll into place within the interior of the system’s protective tracks, creating continuous vertical seals along the interior and exterior of the doorway. This unique and innovative system provides the necessary air space between the layers of fabric to maintain heat control and environmental separation. As a result, less heat is required to maintain the car wash equipment and to maintain the comfort of the employees. Energy is saved and more work can be done.


  • Corrosion resistant design available in both aluminum and stainless steel
  • All industry activation methods and devices available
  • Compact design reduces operational footprint
  • No counter balance springs or weights, resulting in fewer moving parts and less maintenance
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications

Installation is so simple, it can be completed with only three components: left and right uprights and a head unit.

Doors are available in aluminum and stainless steel so that your economic, safety, and durability needs can be met -- all within a corrosion resistant world. These doors can be retrofitted to existing wash facilities of most any size, from standard small automotive bays to large industrial truck and equipment bays.

And just because RollSeal doors can handle washing jobs of any size doesn’t mean they require a lot of room to function. In fact, very little space is required for the doors to operate. The simple and compact operation of the doors allows easy passage through the wash facility. Precise control of the door is accomplished by any available industry activation devices or by the facility staging equipment. Adding a RollSeal system is never a problem, always a solution.


  • Simple & lightweight design allows door to be safe and maintenance friendly
  • Available operators from manual to fully automated, with a host of safety features
  • Auto-Reverse Sensor for motorized operators

Commitment to safety is at the forefront of our design priorities.

These applications require ETL compliance and we meet those standards easily. The host of features we offer will ensure that our system is a proven ally to any safety program. These features include our impact resistant panel and bottom design, manual egress, obstruction and contact sensing, soft start, soft stop, movement notification, and customized operating speeds.

For more information about all of our safety features and which options best suit your application, please contact us directly.


  • Low cost of ownership, no scheduled maintenance
  • Doors are impact resistant and rarely out of commission
  • No more replacing rollers, tracks, panels, hinges, or realignment
  • Patch kit available to repair punctured panels so the entire panel doesn’t have to be replaced

The RollSeal Door Systems has a very low cost of ownership and its unique design allows the product to be extremely forgiving.

In addition, the door panel can be replaced or repaired for a fraction of the cost of a metal door. In most cases this means little to no downtime. For example, if your RollSeal door is hit by a car, the panel will flex. This keeps the door in operation and your business running smoothly. And if the seal is ever somehow compromised, the door can be rolled up and back down, easily recreating the seal. At RollSeal, we understand your industry and our designs reflect that wash to wash, day to day, year to year.