Doors for General Industrial Applications

General Industrial

The RS500 and RS600 door systems provide a new and refreshing alternative for the industrial door market. Highly customizable and legendarily durable, these systems are perfect for any industrial application. RollSeal doors roll up in place, maximizing usable space and increasing productivity and work flow. Their durable design reduces maintenance cost and their unique multi-seal technology saves energy. Corrosion resistant fabric panels are an integral part of every system while the choice of aluminum, galvanized, or stainless tracks and header make the door suitable for most any industrial market. RollSeal Door Systems are also among the safest on the market, making any door upgrade an easy choice.


  • Patented design provides two seals in each track and an insulated air pocket
  • Superior seal minimizes losses due to air infiltration
  • Seal also provides the ability to properly isolate operations
  • Compact and efficient design reduces operational foot print

RollSeal Door Systems use a patented sealing system that provides a superior seal, creating that necessary separation between the two incompatible environments.

As the door system closes, the three layers of fabric roll into place within the interior of its protective tracks, creating continuous vertical seals along the interior and exterior of the doorway, and providing an air space between the layers of fabric to maintain heat control and environmental separation. As a result, the integrity of the environment is maintained and employee comfort is guaranteed.


  • Corrosion resistant design available in aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications
  • Compact design reduces operational footprint
  • No counter balance springs or weights, resulting in fewer moving parts and less maintenance

The convenience of RollSeal doors starts at the very beginning: installation.

The system’s installation is simple and can be completed with only three components -- left and right uprights and a head unit. So that any challenge can be met immediately, the doors are available in aluminum or galvanized or stainless steel. Doors can even be retrofitted to existing door openings of most any size, from standard dock doors to large industrial openings.

Installation is designed for optimal convenience, while minimal space is required for the doors to operate. And its mechanism is highly customizable. Operators range from manual chain hoists to automated systems at varying speeds. Adaptable to the end, control of the motorized doors is accomplished by any available industry activation device.


  • Available operators from manual to fully automated, with a host of safety features
  • Auto-Reverse Sensor for motorized operators
  • Simple & lightweight design allows door to be safe and maintenance friendly
  • Impact resistant panel and bottom design

Commitment to safety is at the forefront of our design priorities. Our ETL compliant status is assurance that we meet the standards set for all your industrial applications.

The host of features we offer will ensure that our system is a proven ally to any safety program. These features include our impact resistant panel and bottom design, manual egress, obstruction and contact sensing, soft start, soft stop, movement notification, and customized operating speeds.

For more information about all of our safety features and which options best suit your application, please contact us directly.


  • No more replacing rollers, tracks, panels, hinges, or realignment
  • Patch kit available to repair punctured panels so the entire panel doesn’t have to be replaced
  • Productivity improvements through the use of motorized operators
  • Compact and efficient design reduces operational foot print

The RollSeal Door System has a very low cost of ownership and its unique design allows this door to be very forgiving.

In most cases this results in minimal downtime -- if any at all -- throughout the long life of the product. In addition to these time and money-saving features, the door panel can be replaced or repaired for a fraction of the cost of a metal door. If your RollSeal panel is ever hit, the panel will flex and the door will stay operational. And in the event the system’s seal is compromised, the door can be rolled up and back down, recreating the seal. At RollSeal, we understand the need for durability, safety, and value in every product.