Industrial Wash/Clean Doors

can withstand the harsh environment present in wash-down applications.

Sizes up to 24’ wide and 24’ tall

Speeds up to 48” per second

115v/230v Single Phase 50/60Hz


Patented, Air-Tight Sealing Technology with Stainless Steel Housing

When designing a wash booth, it is vitally important that you have a door that can withstand the constant moisture, humidity and chemicals that are present in these applications. 

In these applications, RollSeal combines our patented air-tight sealing system with all stainless steel housing and hardware and chemical/corrosion resistant fabric to provide a door solution that can withstand the harsh environment that can be present in wash-down applications.  

• Patented, Air-Tight Sealing Technology
• Impact Resistant Design
• Stainless Steel Housing & Hardware Resists Corrosion
• Variable Speed up to 48”/Second
• Reduction in Operational Footprint

• Ideal for New Construction or Retro-Fit Applications
• Quick Installation Time
• Custom Sizes Available
• PLC Communication Capabilities to Monitor Door Location

Powder Coating Oven/Cure

Specialized fabric designed for oven applications capable of withstanding operational temperature ranges of up to 500F.

Environmental Rooms

Air-tight seals eliminate cross contamination between operational environments.

Spray Booths Wet/Dry

Explosion proof operator options available for hazardous environments.


Doors designed to withstand high humidity and moisture, 200°F temperatures and 100% humidity.

Industrial Wash/Clean

Corrosion resistant panels, all stainless steel to withstand moisture, humidity and chemicals.

Over the years, RollSeal has developed a diverse line of products that utilize our patented sealing technology. These products have ranged from roll-up fabric doors, to roll-up shutters to rolling sidewall systems. We specialize in making custom solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of markets and applications and would love to be a part of the design phase of your next project.