Roll-Up Divider Curtains

low temperature (200°F & <) Roll-Up Barrier Wall

designed to be completely retracted into the ceiling when not in use

RollSeal Roll-Up Divider Curtain can be used in the industrial finishing industry when you need a basic non-sealing partition to section off a low temperature (200°F & <) environment into multiple sections.

The Roll-Up Curtain System is very different from any other product that RollSeal has designed and manufactured in the past in that it is not built for the main purpose of sealing. It is designed to be completely retracted into the ceiling when not in use and lowered only in times when you need to separate a larger work environment into two.

The curtain system is designed for low cycle applications and comes complete with a vision panel so that you can see the work being done behind it and get the benefit of the light passing through it while working.

Powder Coating Oven/Cure

Specialized fabric designed for oven applications capable of withstanding operational temperature ranges of up to 500F.

Environmental Rooms

Air-tight seals eliminate cross contamination between operational environments.

Spray Booths Wet/Dry

Explosion proof operator options available for hazardous environments.


Doors designed to withstand high humidity and moisture, 200°F temperatures and 100% humidity.

Industrial Wash/Clean

Corrosion resistant panels, all stainless steel to withstand moisture, humidity and chemicals.


• Patented Technology
• Impact Resistant 
• Reduces Operational Footprint
• New Construction or Retro-Fit


• 3-Layers of Fabric Creating Space
Between Environments.
• Continuous Seals on Both Sides of Door, Front and Back Panels.


Custom Sizes
Custom sizes up to 24′ x 24′

Custom Speeds
Custom speeds up to 48” per second


STEP 1 – Placement
STEP 2 – Stand Up & Mount
STEP 3 – Electrical
Ready to Use!