Oven Doors

Oven Door approved on ovens with operating temperatures up to 500°F!

Sizes up to 16’ wide and 16’ tall

Speeds up to 12” per second

Multiple Voltage Options Available


Temps: (200°F – 500°F Applications)

When we started to get approached by customers asking if we could adapt the technology that had made RollSeal such a success in cold storage and paint booth applications into high temperature oven openings, we were abit skeptical to say the least. However, after years of testing, field trial work and re-engineering some key components of the RollSeal Door; we are proud to say that we have a RollSeal Oven Door that is approved on ovens with operating temperatures up to 500°F.

As is true in other industrial finishing applications, footprint is always an issue when it comes to industrial and batch style ovens. Eliminating the need for floor space to open large, heavy and hot swing doors is a major benefit to the performance and safety of your operation. But that doesn’t come close to all of the benefits that the RollSeal Oven Door can provide.

Through the use of a patented high temperature fabric as well as a newly designed “floating” door sealing system; RollSeal is able to install on an oven opening and show identical heat retention and energy consumption as conventional style oven doors and field trials have shown more than 50% savings in open times compared to conventional doors, assuring that the heat stays in the oven where it is meant to be. 

As the first and only fabric door rated for use on 500°F oven applications, we know that it can sound hard to believe. But we welcome the opportunity to show you a RollSeal Oven Door and let the high costs, safety concerns and maintenance of your existing oven door become things of the past.

• Patented, Air-Tight Sealing Technology
• Impact Resistant Design
• Reduction in Operational Footprint
• Ideal for New Construction or Retro-Fit Applications

• Quick Installation Time
• Custom Sizes Available
• PLC Communication Capabilities to Monitor Door Location

Powder Coating Oven/Cure

Specialized fabric designed for oven applications capable of withstanding operational temperature ranges of up to 500F

Environmental Rooms

Air-tight seals eliminate cross contamination between operational environments.

Spray Booths Wet/Dry

Explosion proof operator options available for hazardous environments.


Doors designed to withstand high humidity and moisture, 200°F temperatures and 100% humidity.

Industrial Wash/Clean

Corrosion resistant panels, all stainless steel to withstand moisture, humidity and chemicals.


• Patented Technology
• Impact Resistant 
• Reduces Operational Footprint
• New Construction or Retro-Fit


• 3-Layers of Fabric Creating Space
Between Environments.
• Continuous Seals on Both Sides of Door, Front and Back Panels.


Custom Sizes
Custom size up to 24′ x 24′

Custom Speeds
Custom speeds up to 48” per second


STEP 1 – Placement
STEP 2 – Stand Up & Mount
STEP 3 – Electrical
Ready to Use!

Over the years, RollSeal has developed a diverse line of products that utilize our patented sealing technology. These products have ranged from roll-up fabric doors, to roll-up shutters to rolling sidewall systems. We specialize in making custom solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of markets and applications and would love to be a part of the design phase of your next project.