Night Doors

all Doors available in custom sizes

Sizes up to 10’ wide and 10’ tall

Speeds Manual or up to 2”/sec

Chain Hoist or 115v Single Phase 60Hz

Night Doors can be ordered with a motorized or chain hoist operator

As a solutions provider that designs and manufactures a unique door, there are times when we are asked about an application from one of our customers in hopes that we can come up with an affordable solution for a specific problem that they are facing. The RollSeal Night Door is the perfect example of this.

As cold storage facilities change over time, designers and architects are coming up with more innovative and energy efficient ways to design grocery stores and foodservice venues that are more appealing, innovative and shopper friendly than they have been in the past.

The RollSeal Night Door is used in applications where cold storage areas are open to the public during the day and shut down to cool overnight. The majority of the time, the Night Door is used in conjunction with an air curtain, but can also be used as a standalone environmental separator unit.

Night Doors are available in custom sizes and can be ordered with a motorized or chain hoist operator. They come with the same air-tight sealing methodology as all other versions of the RollSeal Door and are also equipped with our ETS (egress track system) for additional employee safety and ease of operation.

• Patented Sealing Technology 

• Impact Resistant Design

• 50% Reduction in Operational Footprint

• 30‐60 Minute Installation Time

• Ideal for New Construction or Retro‐Fit Applications


RollSeal™ Doors are the perfect fit for a number of companies and environments in the refrigeration industry. Our sealing technology creates an airtight environment for your product, and our small footprint can easily adapt to areas with space limitations.