RAM Protection Bollard Systems

Jul 13, 2020

RollSeal RAM Protection Bollard Systems

RollSeal is proud to announce the release of RollSeal RAM Protection Bollard Systems, custom designed bollard packages that are designed for use on RollSeal Doors as well as any other industry standard door models. It's a challenge to make something as simple as a bollard unique, but RollSeal has brought the same attention to detail, rugged design and user friendly installation practices that we hold ourselves to on all of our products to these new bollard kits. When used in conjunction with a RollSeal Door, the bollard package becomes a next step in the door becoming a full solution for your application.

Each unit is fully manufactured at our facility in Bremen, Alabama with heavy duty 3/16" hot rolled steel, powder coated caution yellow and are specifically designed to assure that they provide adequate protection for your doors without infringing on your clear opening space. 

When used specifically with a RollSeal model door, the bollard packages are designed to give you complete access to service your door, visibly see and reach activation accessories, and not limit any of the safety functions of the door. 

They come complete with all necessary mounting hardware as well as custom templates that can be used to assure the proper mounting location of the bollard in relation to the door and clear opening.

RollSeal 44" Bollards

goal-post style bollard package

The RollSeal RAM Protection Bollard Systems are available in both a 44" size that is designed for more foot and pallet-jack traffic as well as a complete goal-post style system for higher traffic, forklift doors..

Our goal is to provide complete solutions for your door systems, from the door itself … to accessories … all the way to safety and protection options such as the RAM Protection Bollard Systems.


RollSeal RAM Protection Bollard Package Release:

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