RollSeal Sidewall Systems

What is a RollSeal Sidewall?

RollSeal Sidewall is retractable panel system used to enclose large openings in areas that are naturally ventilated such as Greenhouse Structures, Seasonal Sales Areas, Metal Canopies, and Pavilions.

The System

The System consist of individual fabric curtain panels with a patented hook and loop seal. There are 4 main systems that are differentiated by motor and application. All systems are designed to act as movable walls or partitions for the space in which they are installed. Typically one motor and drive assembly will operate up to 9 panels along the side of the structure.

How It Seals

3 Main Components

  1. Panel – Three Layers of Fabric

  2. Pipes – Two Tension Pipes

  3. Floating Seal – Pliable Hook and Loop Seal

Types of Systems

RollSeal has been used in the garden centers since the late 90’s and provides a “NON-SECURE” means to temporarily enclose and otherwise open building space during times of inclement weather.

Currently there are 4 different types of RollSeal Sidewalls, each unique to a particular building/garden center design.


Tube Motor, SW25 Manual, Manaras and SW100/SW200

Identify Your System

Correctly identify RollSeal Sidewall System on WalMart Garden Centers. What to Look For:

Glazed Canopy Structures
(earliest system placed in service)

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Metal Canopy
(also early design)

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Original 195 proto stores with the low pitch insulated metal roof.

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Newer stores with large opening between garden center and shade system.

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