Sizes 10’ and 11’ Heights, Various Widths to 12’ 3”

  • System mounts to the inside of the Glazed Canopy.
  • Galvanized Steel Components.
  • One tube motor can operate up to nine (9) sections at one time.
  • Continuous Drive Pipe
  • Each section is controlled by a 3 positon (center-off) rocker switch
  • There may be individual sections operated with a single motor for access into outdoor sales area or a front gate.

What to look for

Tube Motor

3 Position Rocker Switch

Replacement panels are required to be ordered
With correct Floating Replacement seals in the track.

  • Floating Velcro Replacement Seals must be replaced with a new panel – 2 required per panel
  • Pem Strips plates should be inspected for damage and determined if needs replaced – 1 per track or 2 per panel
  • If tracks are damaged full track replacements can be purchased that come pre-assembled with new pem strip and floating Velcro panel. Replacement tracks are sold as a left and right hand side. See track replacements for more detail.