RollSeal Door Systems

RollSeal is a family owned custom door company that manufactures 100% of our products from our home office in Bremen, Alabama USA.

We manufacture state-of-the-art automated roll-up fabric doors that help our customers save energy and money as well as add safety and efficiency to their operations. Our doors are known across a range of industries for providing air-tight sealing, eliminating air infiltration and separating environments, whether they are being used in -10F freezer environments or 500F oven applications. We accomplish this with a patented 3-layer fabric configuration and our unique floating seal system.


Seal . . .

The patented sealing technology of RollSeal provides an air-tight seal, bringing about energy savings and further separating environments.

Automation . . .

Replacing a conventional style door with an automated option drastically reduces energy losses and provides a safer and more efficient system for your operation.



We refer to the RollSeal Door as an environmental separator door, and that is exactly what it is. When you need to separate two environments and assure that you have an air‐tight seal, RollSeal can be the door for you. We pride ourselves on making a dependable, affordable product that will last and providing un‐matched customer service. We would love the opportunity to earn your business.

Over the years, RollSeal has developed a diverse line of products that utilize our patented sealing technology. These products have ranged from roll-up fabric doors, to roll-up shutters to rolling sidewall systems. We specialize in making custom solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of markets and applications and would love to be a part of the design phase of your next project.


RollSeal Doors are sold into markets ranging from chicken houses to grocery stores to state‐ofthe‐ art manufacturing facilities and are used by some of the largest retailers and manufacturing companies in the world.